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Coming soon

As busy as I am I have a few projects lined up for the next year or so: 

this is the cover for the book why do they call them fan conventions when the fans aren't conventional


Why do they call them ...

Why Do They Call Them Fan Conventions When the Fans Aren't Conventional?

Interviews with Celebrities, Organizers and Cosplayers from the Wild, Wide World of Fan Conventions

by Carson Demmans

Illustrations by Jason Sylvestre

322 pages

6x9 (Color)

ISBN 978-1-62933-922-1  


Ig the Idiot Caveman vol2

IG's adventures, make that mis adventures continue in this 148 page graphic novel coming soon from SDS Comics. 

front cover.jpg


Mr. Brown's Bad Saskatchewan Vacation

What can possibly go wrong? how about everything! 


Jason of New York City

We return to the comic book that started my career, what happens when you take a spartan warrior and drop him into Manhattan? Chaos! 

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